April/May update!

Hello everyone!

We were very excited to finish off our school year a little bit earlier than planned! The kids have worked so hard and had a fantastic school year!! We finished off studying animals, butterflies, human bodies, and had a great review!!

To celebrate this, we decided to try to make May a "fun month" as a kick off to summer! Under our events you will see lots of great updates and field trips that we can focus on.

We will be offering a couple of summer classes including Cooking and Animal Exploration! We get so busy in the school year, that it can be easy to forget to do some of the extra fun skills :)

This is a very exciting time of year for us as we start to plan fall semester and LOTS of fun summer events!!

You will notice many of our events will be out of town, and even some during the week, because we have a little bit more free time in summer! We look forward to meeting lots of new friends!!

Thank you all for continuing to support and love us!

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