Creation Day and why we love it

To start this off, I believe the foundation for children to understand science and history is to start with the Bible and the literal interpretation of Genesis being a six day creation only 6,000 years ago. I'm not going to spend this article debating the why's but I will say there is a LOT of amazing resources at Answers in Genesis and Institute for Creation Research.

Today we were blessed to have the option of a homeschool day sale where we were able to explore the Creation of the world with some of the most up to date screens, sounds, and animatronics we have ever seen! The quality we experienced was incredible. I love how it was able to bring to life the elements of the Bible stories that we frequently hear. The kids were enthralled with the animals and the presentation overall.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have incredible museums and creation centers near us and I cannot wait until December when we re-visit the state of the art Ark Encounter in Kentucky!!

Always keep the Bible the foundation, and at its foundation we always start with Genesis. From there we can build on how and why everything else happens!

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