Dino day and play!

I believe that children learn best when they can explore and learn!

This week in our school we are focusing a lot on dinosaurs, so to kick off this fun unit we decided to spend a day at Dino World in Glen Rose, TX, and then spent an afternoon climbing BIG Rock Park and playing in the river.

Do you know what these kids learned by doing this?

They learned how to explore, they learned teamwork, they build up their confidence, and they invented new games.

Children need to learn what they can do and accomplish, and when you give them chances to climb, race, explore, hike, and experience new things, they create all of this naturally. They learn group dynamics without adult intereference. They learned that minnows can be in waterfalls. They learned they can jump over deep crevices and feel safe and secure.

Also, they learned about dinosaurs, dinosaur families, how they lived, how they ate, how BIG they really were, and they got to have a blast while doing it!

Some say we unschool, some say we box school, but I like to think of us as eclectic.

We have a strong foundational curriculum which we adapt and adjust to fit the needs of ALL students!

Let them play, let them explore, and most of all, let them LOVE to LEARN!

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