March Newsletter!

Hello everyone!

We are going to start doing a monthly newsletter to celebrate and show all the fun we have been having!

The Infamous Dr. Seuss and his wonderfully written books were celebrated on our first Monday of March! Everyone was attentive as Ms Margaret read the book, The Oobleck to the group, and then were so excited to find that they would make Oobleck with Ms Betty! While Ms Betty prepared the gooey Oobleck, Ms Sasha passed out papers to the children with blanks for them to write in what their prediction was of the Oobleck and then after their experience-how the Oobleck actually turned out. Using cornstarch and water, the children were directed to use their hands and mix the white Oobleck around in a storage tub. Ms Betty pointed out that if you squeezed the Oobleck, it would turn firm in your hand, but open your hand and it would pour out around your fingers back into the bin. Everone’s hands were Ooblecky at the end of the session and a few person’s hair and clothes were decorated with the white goo.

Ms Michelle surprised the group with a well-done rap of Fox In Sox sung by Wes Tank. He is a talented individual who makes videos of rapping kid’s books for youtube!

Tracy did a wonderful job of catching everyone’s attention as she read another Dr. Seuss book. None other then Horton Hatches An Egg.

Our Wednesdays consist of History and the children are learning about the Greeks and Science!

Ms Margaret has begun teaching Spanish! The teaches words through songs and provides the children papers so they have a visual aid as well as the auditory as she helps them pronounce the language.

The fourteenth of March was Sunday, however we celebrated this day on the fifteenth. Ms Sasha played a video of the one hundred numbers of Pi being sung to the tune of Tchaikosky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies and had everyone listen to it multiple times to become familiar with the digits if Pi.

There was a project of coloring a page with Pi’s symbol, cutting it into a circle, and gluing it on a paper plate. Which it doesn’t take too long to figure out that this creates a Pi plate!

Ms Naomi brought pies for Pi day-Grasshopper Pie, which is a mint pie, and Strawberry Pretzel Icebox Pie, which is exactly as it’s name describes. Everyone enjoyed this delicious snack and the expected sugar rush directed all the kids out the door to the backyard!

Our Tuesday and Thursday group has been improving so much with their math and grammar and we have been able to incorporate several right brained learning styles to help the visual learning a bit more. We love using our hands on stuff!

Kingdom builders also has been having fun with our weather finally warming up! We are looking forward to hiking, exploring, and much more outside time now that the freezing cold has been gone.

We started a community garden, and the kids worked with power tools, dirt, and overall had a great time!

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