Our Journey and Vision!


This dream has been a long time coming.

Four years ago my children and I (who had been homeschooling for two years already) had started doing Friday field trips and fun days with a few local families. This start off on a vision that ONE DAY we would turn this into a resource center to encourage and help homeschooling famlies.

We saw families who consistently needed help and encouragement! Some families needed the social outlet, some just needed some placement testing, and others just needed some help starting up. Some wanted field trips, some wanted co-op style and many just needed friends.

With this came the idea that this small group of famlies would one day become a nonprofit organization that would be a community outreach for all homeschool families who need the help and encouragement.

The last four years we have had a lot of ups and downs, but God has thankfully brought a group of famlies to help us grow this vision!

We look foward to seeing where this leads.

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