What a year!

So for most people 2020 has been insane! Well, it has for us too. Although this year started very incertain and full of upheaval for our family, it has become a true blessing this year.

What started off as just a few moms wanting to help with homeshooling, has become a full resource center! Now, since we are brand new, we are still getting funding and setting things up. For now, it has been incredible to watch mamas band together and encourage each other through this very uncertain time.

I've been enjoying watching moms from all backgrounds and walks of life come together to pray, teach, love, and help each other! It's incredible what hardships and uncertainty can do.

Do you know what 2020 has taught me?

It has taught me that true friends come during the hard times.

It has taught me that when life feels like everything is ending, it can become a new beginning.

It has taught me that people from all walks of life all need the same friendships and encouragement.

It has taught me above all else, to continue on, keep loving others, and keep educating our children with grace and compassion!

I pray for you all daily, and I am excited to see where God continues to lead Way of Wisdom Center throughout the next year. Through fundraising, prayer, and lots of help we can accomplish great things!

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